Three-on-three basketball tournament looking for teams

Three-on-three basketball tournament looking for teams

B-Ball by the Beach is an all-day street basketball tournament

Sylvan Lake is gearing up for the second annual basketball tournament.

B-Ball by the Lake is scheduled to take place throughout the day on Aug. 26 along the street on Lakeshore Drive.

“It’s a unique combination of street ball and lakeside views,” said Alec Pollock, the event coordinator and recreational manager for the Town.

The tournament, now in it’s second year, will follow the same format as last year between 46 Street and 49 Street.

There will be a few games of three-on-three happening at once, to ensure each team get in as many games as possible during the round robin portion of the tournament.

Pollock said it is important to keep the tournament similar, especially early in it’s run, for the returning players.

“Because the tournament is still so new we are in the unique position of needing to keep it the same, for now. I think as the tournament progresses and the more people coming to play we will look at making some changes here and there,” said Pollock.

It is hard to change an event that is so new. In its second year Pollock is hoping to see a turnout similar or better to last year’s, which had 15 teams participating.

“The more teams we have the more fun and the longer the tournament will go.”

Last year the tournament wrapped up around 3 in the afternoon, Pollock said he would like to see 20 teams this year and have it stretch out the entire day.

“Who knows maybe in a couple years it will be held all weekend,” Pollock said.

Those interested in playing can play in one of two divisions, men’s or co-ed.

If playing in the co-ed division one male and one female must be on the court at all times during the entire game.

When asked why the divisions were split that way, Pollock explained it had to do with marketing.

When doing market research for programs, the recreation department found men were more interested in the sport of basketball then women.

This result facilitated the division divides for the tournament.

That being said, women are more than welcome and encouraged to play in the tournament.

“If an all women team wanted to play I would not turn them away. If there was enough I would even start their own division,” said Pollock.

Team registering need to have a minimum of four players, to have a sub when needed. The maximum players allowed per team is six.

When playing co-ed the team must always have at least one male and one female on the court. If the team only has one female player, then she will need to play the entire game to qualify for the co-ed division.

The tournament is open to adults 18-years-old and up. This is mostly because of the sponsors and prizes available to the top teams.

“Some of our sponsors are pubs along Lakeshore, and sometimes they provide gift certificates to the establishment. You can’t give that as a prize to a 16-year-old.”

Pollock did say it may be possible to open the tournament up to high school aged players 16 and up, though it really depended on prizing and the number of teams registered.

To register, call or come into the NexSource Centre.

Pollock says it is the responsibility of the team captain to register the team.

Registration is $80 per team.

“I think it is a fun event, and I’ve love to see a lot of players out this year,” Pollock said.

Registration is open until the end of day on Aug. 24, to allow time to organize the teams and playoffs.