Eckville Minor Hockey changes registration process

Eckville Minor Hockey changes registration process

To accomodate deadlines from Hockey Alberta, the EMHA has changed its registration process

Due to changes enforced by Hockey Canada, the Eckville Minor Hockey Association (EMHA) has had to make some changes to its usual timeline.

In years past, the association would have a table set up during the registration night held in September at the Eckville Arena.

Now though, Hockey Alberta is claiming September is too late for registering and paying for the season.

EMHA President Dale Cowan says Hockey Alberta is requiring Association Member Participation Numbers from each club and association by the middle of August.

“As a small association like ours, we can no longer contest or put this off,” said Cowan.

Due to the restrictions in place by Hockey Alberta, Eckville Minor Hockey registrations will now be done online through

As an incentive, those who register by Aug. 1 will pay according to last year’s fees.

“Everyone is required to register online as soon as possible,” Cowan said.

An extra $50 per player will be added to the fees of anyone registering between Aug. 1-31. An extra charge of $100 per player will be added to the current rate for those who register on or after Sept. 1.

Payment for the season can be made through the website with a credit card or through PayPal.

Cowan would also like to remind everyone the fees for minor hockey do not include arena fees. These are separate and are paid to the Eckville Arena Board.

The the associations Annual General Meeting in May it was decided to also have all those who wish to coach this upcoming season will also register online.

Time is running out to register as a coach. The deadline is Aug. 15

The shift in registration is due in part to a change in scheduling ice time.

Hockey Canada will begin to enforce earlier ice time for all leagues and teams across the country.

This is to ensure “every league and association will be kicking off the hockey season all at the same time,” according to Cowan.

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