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Nerd Talk: Comic Con - a welcoming place for the nerd

Nerds, geek and dorks feel at home at Comic Con and other such events no matter their fandom

This weekend was probably the biggest of the year for those of the nerdy, geeky and fork persuasion.

San Diego Comic Con kicked off on July 20, with a special preview night on July 19.

The San Diego Comic Con has become the place to go for all your pop culture needs in recent years.

It is at this convention where big type Hollywood studios like to showoff what is coming up in the next year, where show runners tease what’s ahead in favourite T.V. shows, and where Marvel and D.C. square off to find out who is better.

I’m not kidding between the two comic book giants, who are now also giants in the world of T.V., movies and streaming, it is a competition to see who will have the biggest and best announcements and trailers every year at Comic Con.

I won’t say yet who I think won, mostly because I haven’t watched all the content provided by both - but it’s probably fairly easy between the two.

However, Comic Con is about more than the big entertainment guests and special screening.

To me, and I hope many, it is a special - if over-crowded - place where you are free to let go and experience something truly amazing.

I’ve never had the privilege of attending the San Diego Comic Con, ticket for that event sell out in literally hours. Really I’m not kidding - when tickets go on sale in November or December you won’t stand a chance of getting one if you aren’t already online ready and waiting.

I have, however, attended the comic Expo in Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Regina and Saskatoon.

I’m sure these have a similar, if smaller, feel to the big one in San Diego.

What Comic Con holds for me is a sense of belonging. When I enter the hall, either in the traditional attire of blue jeans and a Captain America t-shirt, or bedecked full out in a beautiful cosplay that I designed, I feel like I am in a good place, one where I can say a joke and people will actually laugh because they get the reference.

In my everyday life, I generally tone down the nerdy. I’ll make comments about Doctor Who or how Picard was clearly the better captain and people will smile indulgently but other wise not get it.

At an event like Comic Con, people like myself can talk to anyone about any one of their interests.

That person dressed up as Misty from Pokemon - What did you think of the new game? Any thoughts the latest announcement?

The person standing next to you searching through stacks of comic books - Which issue are you looking for? Do you prefer Captain Atom or Ant-Man?

What about the person waiting behind you in line for a photo op with some big star or comic book icon - What is your favourite thing said person has done? Do you think he/she will be as nice as everyone says.

Believe it or not, Comic Con is a place where nerds are probably the most social beings on Earth.

They get excited and cheer and debate and get excited again.

I’m not a very vocal or outgoing person, but at an event like Comic Con I have spoken to so many people about many different topics - cosplay, comic books, anime, T.V. shows, movies.

Despite the crazy crowds, the swell of noise and the daunting task of finding anything Booster Gold related, Comic Con is a welcoming place, where nerds are encouraged to be themselves.

If you ever get the chance to attend - there is one coming up in September in Edmonton - watch carefully. I’m sure there will be a number of people who stop as they enter the hall.

They will stop, eye-wide with a smile slowly spreading across their face. They aren’t looking at anything in particular, they are just taking it in - like a person seeing Hogwarts for the first time.

Comic Con, while exciting and full of amazing, interesting things and people, is a place of belonging for some who don’t always feel like they belong anywhere else.

These are our people; the nerd, dorks and geeks are welcome to be themselves at Comic Con.