Recent thunderstorms push out smoke in region

Environment Canada has ended the air quality advisory, for now

Recent thunderstorms push out smoke in region

The air quality warning in effect for much of the province has ended as of Friday morning.

The smoke from the wildfires plaguing British Columbia was pushed out from the thunderstorms Thursday night.

While there are no advisories currently in place for Central Alberta, there are still air quality warnings in place along the western edge of the province.

Banff, Jasper, Grand Prairie and the Kananaskis-Canmore region are still under advisories for air quality.

Environment Canada is predicting a low risk on the Air Quality Health Index for Friday. A moderate forecast of four on the index is predicted for Saturday.

Advisories remain for much of British Columbia as wildfires continue to burn in the province’s interior.

Environment Canada expects air quality concerns to “yo-yo” back and forth while the fires continue to burn.