Lacombe County Council approves 2022 operating budget

Council also approved amendment to land use bylaw to accommodate Alberta Views RV and Golf Course

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Lacombe County Council approved the county’s 2022 operating budget during the May 12 regular meeting of council.

The budget provides a total revenue of $70,693,740 comprised of $64,123,840 in operating revenue, $6,569,900 in reserve transfers, and total operating expenses of $70,693,740 comprised of $40,273,270 in operating expenses, net inventory costs of $ 520,600, capital transfers of $11,454,580 and reserve contributions of $18,445,290 be approved.

Council also approved the 2022 capital budget which provides for revenues and expenditures of $24,187,200.

Council passed bylaw 1375/22, establishing the 2022 tax rates as follows:

Municipal tax rate (per cent)

  • Residential is 2.595
  • Farmland 5.505
  • Non-residential 5.613
  • Machinery and equipment 5.613

Policing levy tax rate

  • All assessment classes 0.1175

Alberta school foundation fund tax rate

  • Residential/farmland 2.540
  • Non-residential 3.781

Lacombe Foundation tax rate

  • All assessment classes (excluding Provincial GIL) 0.0595

Designated industrial property tax rate

  • Designated industrial, M&E and linear properties 0.0766

Alberta Views RV and Golf Course

A public hearing was held for bylaw 1374/22. The bylaw would amend the Lacombe County land use bylaw 1237/17, to change a portion of the Slopes development from higher density residential (R-HDR) district to residential conservation (R-RCC) district.

It was given second reading and third reading and so passed.

Election update

The Local Authorities Election Act (LAEA) sets out the requirements for election campaign finances and financial reporting for municipal elections. Council was provided with an update on the status of disclosure statement submissions in accordance. A listing of those candidates who were non-compliant with the disclosure statement filing requirement was also provided. The LAEA sets out the requirements for election campaign finances and financial reporting for municipal elections.

Agricultural service board terms of reference

Policy CC(3) was approved by Council providing for the following amendments:

  • A provision added stating that the Agricultural Service Board is to meet three times per year
  • The clause “Reeve to serve as chair” replaced with “chairperson and vice-chairperson” shall be selected by Council at the organizational meeting.

Nova Chemicals annual tour

Council will attend a tour of Nova Chemicals on June 21.

Statutory road closure

Bylaw No. 1350/21 is a bylaw of Lacombe County to provide for the closure of a portion of an undeveloped statutory road allowance (± 2.04 acres) for consolidation with the SW 18-41-22 W4M. As this is a statutory road allowance the closure must be done by bylaw.

As per Section 22, Bylaw No. 1330/20 was forwarded to the Minister of Transportation for approval prior to consideration of second and third reading by Council. As the approval was received from the minister, council passed Bylaw No. 1350/21.

Gordon Graves annexation request

Gordon and Katy Graves provided a presentation on the annexation of their land, NE 36-39-27 W4M, by the Town of Blackfalds in 2008. The Graves requested that Lacombe County support their request to extend the grandfathering clause of 15 years regarding taxation to 99 years or until development should occur. The Graves further asked that if the grandfathering clause was not extended, could Lacombe County annex this property back into the county.

Council directed the county manager to prepare a report regarding the request from the Graves concerning the annexation of the NE 36-39-27 W4M by the Town of Blackfalds and the tax rate on this land. This report will be presented at a future meeting.