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Seniors: Check your heart for free at this Rimbey pharmacy!

Ongoing study brings atrial fibrillation testing to Albertans over age 65
William Poggemiller demonstrates the simple new screening tool for atrial fibrillation, available at no charge to anyone over the age of 65 at Rimbey Value Drug Mart.

Rimbey Value Drug Mart is taking part in a study that brings convenient, free atrial fibrillation screening to seniors in Central Alberta.

Are you over 65? Are you curious about the condition of your heart? Make an appointment for a free test today!

“Usually atrial fibrillation, also known as AFib or AF, is monitored by your family doctor. But it’s not always done on a routine basis, and AF is often discovered by accident or when a patient develops symptoms or complications,” says William Poggemiller, pharmacist and managing partner of Rimbey Value Drug Mart. “People with AF have an increased risk of blood clots, heart attacks and strokes, so better screening of AF can help save lives.”

Some people with atrial fibrillation feel like their heart is fluttering, racing or skipping beats. Others feel nauseated, weak or like they’re gasping for air. But many people with atrial fibrillation feel nothing at all, which makes screening essential.

“Pharmacists in Alberta already treat many minor ailments, order lab work and help monitor chronic illnesses. I believe adding AF screening is going to have a huge positive impact on our patients,” William says.

Free atrial fibrillation screening

  • Screening is free, though you must call Rimbey Value Drug Mart at 403-843-2020 to make an appointment.
  • The program is currently only open to people over the age of 65, though it may become available to younger patients in the future. Screening benefits everyone, since atrial fibrillation is often asymptomatic. “People with hypertension, diabetes, heart failure, or a previous history of stroke or TIA are particularly vulnerable, but anyone over 65 is welcome to make an appointment,” William says.
  • Rimbey Value Drug Mart will be using the AliveCor Kardiamobile device, a pocket-sized piece of technology that shares data with a tablet or smartphone.
  • The study is sponsored by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, the Canadian Stroke Prevention Intervention Network (C-SPIN) and the University of Alberta Hospital Foundation. Rimbey Value Drug Mart will work closely with the study’s cardiologist, Dr. Roopinder Sandhu, and any patients who show signs of atrial fibrillation will be sent for an ECG, lab work and other follow up to ensure a thorough diagnosis.
  • The program is also useful for patients who’ve already been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. “Patients with atrial fibrillation often take blood thinners to reduce the risk of stroke, and we will assess to see if blood thinner is the recommended choice and if their current dose is too high or too low. Your body changes over time, so the dose of blood thinner you were prescribed ten years ago may no longer be appropriate,” William says. “We’ve had great interest in the program so far, and already adjusted some patient’s dosage.”

To find out if you can participate, contact Rimbey Value Drug Mart at 403-843-2020, or visit Rimbey Value Drug Mart at 4917-50 Ave.

Rimbey Value Drug Mart will be using the AliveCor Kardiamobile device to participate in a program that hopes to improve screening and treatment for atrial fibrillation.
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