Town-wide garage sale planned for August

Town-wide garage sale planned for August

The garage sale will also help support ADRA

A combination of garage sale and charity event has been planned for the Town of Eckville for Aug. 11.

The garage sale part will allow for people in Eckville, and in the surrounding area, the opportunity to get rid of some clutter while supporting a good cause.

Darlene Blaney, the organizer of the event and owner of Total Health in Eckville, has arranged to have proceeds from the event go to Adventist Disaster Relief Agency (ADRA).

“We’ve supported ADRA for many years, this seemed like a great opportunity to do two things at once,” said Blaney.

The town-wide garage sale will profit ADRA through donations and table bookings, according to Blaney.

To book a spot at the garage sale, though the event will be bring-your-own-table, a suggested donation of $20 is required. Those who do not want their own table but have items to sell can donate them to the garage sale.

Blaney says a table will be set up of donated items for sale.

“All proceeds from that table will also be donated to ADRA.”

ADRA will also be present at the garage sale as well. The not-for-profit organization will have the local branch, based out of Lacombe County, present with an emergency trailer on site. Members of ADRA will be on hand for tours and information throughout the day.

“Members of the community can also choose to donate themselves to ADRA,” said Blaney.

The town-wide garage sale is not meant to take the place of standalone sales, in fact Blaney encourages people to hold their own.

She says the sale, which will be along 51 Avenue outsde of Total Health, is to available to anyone, but thinks it will be particularly beneficial to those who live in the county and are less able to hold their own garage sales.

“By all means hold your own sale. It will give people a chance to go all around Eckville and to come to our sale and see ADRA,” Blaney said.

Holding the sale along the street allows Blaney to also rent the Legion for use of bathrooms and and overflow space.

Originally, Blaney had planned to hold the sale on July 7, but did not realize the town market was to be held two days prior.

In looking for a new date to hold the town-wide sale, Blaney chose the following month, to give herself more time to organize the day.

“It’ll give me a chance to get the word out to everyone as well,” she said.

Word of the event is just starting to circulate, but so far Blaney has received positive feedback. People seem excited about the chance, she says, which encourages her to go forward with the plan.

The Eckville Town-wide Garage Sale is dedicated to garage sale items and not for foods items, Blaney says.

It will be held Aug. 11 with set-up beginning at 2 p.m. and open until 8 p.m.

Anyone interested in donating items or getting a table for themselves in encouraged to contact Blaney.

Blaney can be reached through the Total Health Eckville Facebook page; email,; or by calling Total Health at 403-746-3328.

“It has a dual purpose, it gets rid of your old stuff while giving to charity,” said Blaney.