Nerd Talk: It’s time to stop the reboots

Nerd Talk: It’s time to stop the reboots

Stop the reboots and come up with something new

The other night I found out something that struck a chord with me.

It wasn’t anything monumental or life changing – but it affected me in an unexpected way.

In a random conversation with one of my sisters, I found out a show I loved as a child has been rebooted.

At first I thought she meant the son off series which preceded the show itself, or even the spin-off after that one.

But no. It is a full on reboot.

I’m not sure if any of you know the show, or the book it is based off, but I loved it.

It’s called “The Worst Witch” and was a joint venture between ITV in the UK and the CBC here in Canada.

The show had 40 episodes airing between 1998 and 2001.

After my first viewing, which was pretty much by accident – I was flipping through channels during summer vacation and it came on – I was immediately enthralled.

This was a series about a young girl, who wanted nothing more than to be a good witch but kept screwing up, earning her the name The Worst Witch.

Who couldn’t relate to that? I’m a grown woman and I would still rather be a witch, even a Worst Witch…

The show starred Georgina Sherrington as the lead Mildred Hubble, and the then unknown, but now well on her way to superstardom, Felicity Jones. She just starred in Rouge One, if you didn’t know her name.

I watched the spin-off, and the spin-off’s spin-off. I liked the first, the second wasn’t that great.

Now this, this is a reboot – which has apparently already aired, my research tells me.

While talking to my sister, through text because I don’t think we have ever actually spoken on the phone, it dawned on me. This isn’t new.

Everything today seems to be getting a reboot, and we act like it’s completely normal. Often we get excited over the fact our childhood is being re-imagine.

Though to be fair, most of those people who were once excited about the reboot of a childhood favourite quickly switches sides after viewing the piece.

“The Worst Witch” is only one example.

Next month another childhood favourite will have a reboot premiere. Does anyone remember “Duck Tails”?

The tail of Scrooge McDuck taken on crazy and wild adventures by his great-nephews Huey, Dewy and Louie.

In the new reboot, things are a little different. This time around instead of just being an old miser, Scrooge McDuck is a retired adventurer who goes out with his grand-nephews, and Donald makes appearaneces too, for more daring-dos.

I’m torn. Should I be excited to revisit my childhood in these new TV shows, and even movies? Or should I leave them alone for the next generation to enjoy as much as I did not so long ago?

I don’t believe these remakes will “ruin my childhood”, my childhood is technically done, and I’m an adult now. I don’t even think they can mar the memories.

However, could this new show make me dislike the old ones? From time to time I still enjoy walking down memory lane and watching shows from my childhood, “Gargoyles”, “Recess”, “The Worst Witch”, “Duck Tails” even “Darkwing Duck”.

I know in my head these new shows are mostly for a new audience, and those watching for nostalgia won’t like them.

Isn’t it possible to come up with new shows, the next generation would love, and just play reruns of the old?

I remember watching “The Flintstones” and Bugs Bunny as a child too, and those were definitely not new.

Why does it have to be a reboot? Shouldn’t our society be creative enough to come up with new ideas?