Lacombe County opens tender for bridge widening project

Bridge Widening, bylaw updates, and surveillance matters among the discussions at Council meeting

Bridge Tender

At its regular June 8 meeting, Lacombe County Council approved tender for the contract to work on the widening of the Blind Man River crossing bridge, west of Blackfalds. Council gave permission to the county commissioner to tender and award the bridge widening of Bridge File #740 on Asplund Road – one of the busiest roads in Lacombe County – at an estimated cost of $1,235,000.

“So far, it’s just authorization to put the tender out,” said Nicole Plewis, communications coordinator with Lacombe County. “They got the approval to start looking for a contractor for it. They’re authorized to find someone to do that contract.”

Bylaw Changes

Council took measures to authorize modifications to a number of bylaws at it meeting. For Bylaw 1247, a bylaw relating to land use at the Last Hill Golf Course, there will be a public hearing held on July 16. commencing at 9:00 a.m.

Bylaw 1247 is an amendment to County Land Use Bylaw 1056 – it is intended to change the zoning of approximately 61.95 hectares of land (located at Pt NW 21-39-03 W5M) from an agricultural designation to land designated for recreational use.

The golf course, situated northwest of Eckville, has been sitting idle and not in operations for the last couple of years, noted Tim Timmons, manger of corporate services with Lacombe County. The golf course’s new owners are looking to rebuild the golf course with a campground – this will require a redevelopment of the land.

Council has also deemed approximately 10.21 hectares of land just outside Blackfalds to be an industrial zone. Council amended Bylaw 1228, passing its third and final reading. The amendment change the designation of the land from an agricultural zone to an industrial business district.

Bylaw 1241, a bylaw that relates to work on roads – and how they relate to underground facilities along rural rights of way – was presented to Council for the consideration of a second and third reading.

The proposed bylaw is intended to prohibit a utility from constructing a facility within, or on a road without first entering into a Master Road Access Agreement in sanctioned by Lacombe County.

Council referred the matter of the proposed bylaw back to the county commissioner, so that issues with restrictions on pipeline pressure and power line voltages could be addressed. Bylaw 1241 will be presented again to Council at a later meeting, for its second and third readings.

Surveillance Cameras

After a discussion on the matter, Council determined the collection of personal information through surveillance cameras at the County office and shop facilities is lawful and justified – and sufficiently observes proper protection measures which are in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act [FOIP].

The discussion was in relation to a number of surveillance cameras that have been installed in Lacombe County at two remote shop facilities, and of the more recent installation of security cameras at the County’s shop facility located west of the City of Lacombe, and the County’s main office facility.

“We’ve had situations in the past where buildings have been subject to break and enters and vandalism, and that is a vital component of why we have installed the surveillance cameras,” said Timmons. “Another reason is personal security. We see it as being a deterrent to irresponsible behaviour.”

Timmons added that the County has developed a framework policy for the data and security of the data which its surveillance cameras collect.