Hooray for Doctor Dad

Honouring fathers on Father’s Day

Every child has their idols, their superheroes. Some may say their first superhero was Spider-Man or Batman, but I think they are overlooking one other hero.

For most children, whether they realize it or not, their first superhero is a parent.

For me it was my dad.

Cliff Melland, mild-mannered electrician and father by day, by night he is Doctor Dad, fixer of boo-boos and broken things.

Before the incident, Cliff was a regular guy working to make his way through life. Then it happened, and everything changed. On a cold day in January Cliff saw his life change from a regular working Joe to Doctor Dad after many hours of screaming and pain.

Doctor Dad was born to the world with a loud cry and a sigh of relief, that it was all over, no doubt. Doctor Dad went on many adventures over the past 27 years – not to date him, he is still as spry as Superman, who, might I add, is 78.

He and his sidekick Magnificent Meg have accomplished daring dos and harrowing hardships. No matter the adventure Doctor Dad was always there to make everything better, and right wrongs.

On one such adventure, the Magnificent Meg was hurt after a terrible bout with the worst villain ever, the Awful Andrea. How it happened is foggy and unclear, but it ended with the Magnificent Meg being gravely injured by glass shards. One piece of glass had embedded itself underneath the toe nail of her big toe.

While the Awful Andrea escaped, Doctor Dad came to the rescue of his kid sidekick. Using his superpowers, Doctor Dad was able to not only save his sidekick but also her own superpowers. That is what Doctor Dad does best, saving the day and ensuring all ends well.

Doctor Dad taught his faithful sidekick many things, like how to change a tire on the Docmobile, and the different types of screw drivers – they have names other than ‘star’ and ‘square,’ who knew?

He was able to walk her through difficult situations, and helped her find her path when she was lost. Even when the two grew apart as the Magnificent Meg grew up and wished to branch out on her own, and Doctor Dad found new sidekicks, Excellent Em and Brilliant Britt, they were still close.

Doctor Dad would still come to the call of his first sidekick. When she was hurt, in trouble or just needed to talk Doctor Dad would always make time to be there for his favourite sidekick. Yes Brilliant Britt and Excellent Em, the Magnificent Meg was clearly Doctor Dad’s favourite.

Now Doctor Dad lives far from his first member of the Doctor Family, but they are still as close as ever. Even with the physical distance between Doctor Dad and the Magnificent Meg they still make time for each other and help in any way they can.

Father’s Day is a day to truly appreciate the fathers in our life. For me, it is my first, and best superhero, Doctor Dad. Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and father-figures out there. And happy Father’s Day to Doctor Dad.