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Photos: Children perform circus routine

Seventeen children perform the circus tricks they had learned all week

Roughly 17 children gave an unique experience to the comunity at the Sylvan Lake Family and Community Centre last Friday.

Under the direction of Bob Palmer, the children performed tricks and routines a circus performer would during a special showcase last week.

As part of the Circus Arts Camp the child learned, and then showed off balancing tricks, walk a tight rope - a safe distance from the ground, walking on stilts, how to ride a unicycle and even a bit of clowning.

Youth Services Supervisor Krista Carlson says the camp gives the kids an unique opportunity which isn’t open to many.

“When they go back to school and are talking about what they did this summer they get to say they walked on stilts or learned to juggle,” said Carlson.

The acts the kids learned throughout the week were brought together in one nearly hour-long show at the end of the camp.

“I think this is a great way to show these kids that the community is behind them, while have tons of fun,” said Carlson.

Photos submitted by Krista Carlson