Reeti Meenakshi Rohilla / Sylvan Lake News

Reeti Meenakshi Rohilla / Sylvan Lake News

Steffie Woima students run a marathon to promote fitness

Friends and family members of the students were also invited to join

The annual Steffie Kids Marathon welcomed over 500 participants to collectively walk a kilometer on June 10.

It was an ongoing marathon for students keeping track of the distance they ran during the six weeks prior to the final run.

“The Steffie Kids Marathon is a pedometer marathon geared to encourage daily physical activity for all, while focusing on achieving a goal,” said school council chair Jennifer Bahler. “We hope to motivate children and their families to commit to a healthy lifestyle and develop a daily fitness routine.”

Participants ran from Steffie Woima Elementary School, through 46 Street and Lakeshore Drive, to Centennial Park. The final walk took about three hours from the first group leaving to the last one returning.

At the finish line, participants received a beach ball and entered for prizes before heading back to the school.

While the school could not host a marathon in 2020 because of the pandemic, a scaled-down event was conducted the following year.

“The school looks forward to this event every year and it was great to have it back to normal.”

For the rest of the summer, students will catch up on the many field trips that were previously cancelled because of the pandemic.