“Our Community Rocks” garden shares message of hope in Eckville

“Our Community Rocks” garden shares message of hope in Eckville

The growing rock garden is located in front of St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church

St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church is spreading hope through Eckville with a rock garden.

The “Our Community Rocks” garden is located in front of the church and is home to a number of rocks displaying symbols or words of hope to get through this time.

“I wanted it to be something that people could go and stand and look at and be uplifted,” said Rev. Sandra Franklin-Law in a phone interview.

She says the idea came as a way to join the community while still being contact free throughout the pandemic.

Franklin-Law says the rocks feature a variety of artwork from community members of all ages, including families and seniors. The rock garden has also expanded to include two plants.

“Its kind of interesting how it’s taking on a life of its own which is really what I wanted it to do,” she explained, adding the garden is open to the whole community and not just the church.

The community is welcome to keep adding to the garden as Franklin-Law says she would love to see it full and bursting.

Decorated rocks can be added to the garden whenever and will be coated in a clear lacquer to protect them from the weather.

The church also does food takeout on Friday nights and services are being posted online weekly.