Eckville Echo welcomes new editor

Eckville Echo welcomes new editor

Myra Nicks started with the paper at the beginning of the month

The Eckville Echo has a new editor after months of searching.

Myra Nicks recently came on board the team as the paper’s new editor. She says she is looking forward to meeting the people of Sylvan Lake.

“I’m looking forward to finding out what makes Sylvan Lake special, what sets it apart,” Nicks said.

Nicks moved to Sylvan Lake a few months before taking on the position of editor at the beginning of the month.

She moved her from Edmonton back in March of this year, saying her partner brought her here.

Nicks says she has moved around a lot in her life and lived in many cities, but feels more comfortable Sylvan Lake than she ever did in Edmonton.

“I tried for a really long time to be a big city girl, but I’m not. I’m finding I am enjoying living in a small town much more,” she said.

Though she graduated from Andrews University in Michigan, it has been awhile since she has worked at a newspaper.

Most of her time since graduating has been spent working in the world or communications and creating corporate web content.

She says she applied for the job at the paper because she was interested in getting back into journalism.

“I guess I was just ready to get back to writing,” Nicks said. “I also wanted to connect more with my new community.”

Nicks says she chose to go into journalism because she has always loved to write. Stories have always been close to her heart.

“I also love that journalism gives us the opportunity to really explore humanity and tell stories others may not know.”

Nicks is willing to hear story ideas and news tips from her new community. She can be reached through her email at