Couple grows four pound potato

Couple grows four pound potato

Eckville gardeners Earnest and Juanita VĂ¼tala have been growing seeds for 80 years

Ernest and Juanita grew a four pound potato this year in their garden.

“I started gardening at a very early age with my mother,” said Juanita in a handwritten letter. Juanita continued by saying that her mother, Arla Lee of Evarts District taught her how to plant, weed, thin, hill and harvest.

The couple lives on an acreage on the south outskirts of Eckville. This year the couple planted a small patch of potatoes at Juanita’s brother’s home, also the original home farm where Juanita first learned to garden 80 years ago. Out of this patch grew the giant potato.

“Ive never seen such a big potato before,” Juanita wrote.

The couple enjoys gardening and their connection to nature as a result of their hobby.

Juanita will be 87 on Nov. 7 and likes to quote an old saying: “If you think you are going to die tomorrow, plant a tree today.” She wrote that because of her love of gardening she planted her final apple tree last year and knows in a few years someone will enjoy the fruit.

The couple finished their letter by saying, “Happy gardening and may God bless you all.”

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