Senior girls Aces player Casey Belway swings for a spike during the girls’ most recent game agaisnt the Parkview Panthers on Sept. 27. Photo by Megan Roth/Eckville Echo

Tough loss for senior girls Aces

The girls lost to the Parkview Panthers 3-0

The senior girls volleyball team faced some steep competition in the most recent game against the Parkview Adventist Academy Panthers.

Despite a great start in each of the game’s sets, the Eckville Acres were unable to much headway in the game.

The girls lost to the Panthers at home on Sept. 27 losing three out of five sets.

The Aces made the Panthers work for their wins in each of the sets. The Aces had some strong attacks and were able to keep the volley going in many instances.

Unfortunately for the Aces, the Panthers hit harder and with a little more precision.

The first set was lost, 25-18. The second ended with a score of 25-17. The final set of the game ended 25-18.

Despite the three losses, and the game officially ended, the coaches of both teams agreed to play one last round to 15, which the Panther once again won.

The Eckville Aces will be at home for their next game on Oct. 2 when they face Koinonia. On Oct. 4 the Aces will be on the road, play Spruce View.

The Aces will next play at home on Oct. 11, taking on Caroline.

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No. 2 for the Eckville Aces Pachelle Phillips sets up her teammates during a volley at the Sept. 27 game. Photo by Megan Roth/Eckville Echo

Courtney Cowan makes a leap to attempt to block a hit that came sailing just over the net during the Sept. 27 game. The girls lost the game, 3-0.