Evan Sparrow prepares for his first serve of the game on Sept. 27 when the Aces took on the Parkview Panthers. Photo by Megan Roth/Eckville Echo

Aces volleyball win 3-0

The senior boys volleyball team played the Parkview Panthers, Sept. 27

The senior boys volleyball team were on a roll against the Parkview Adventist Academy Panthers in the most recent game on Sept. 27.

Playing at home, the boys quickly won three out of five sets.

During the warm up drills, the Panthers seemed to have a lot of power behind their swings.

The Aces countered the Panthers with their own strength and accuracy. The Aces also benefited from the small mistakes on the Panther’s part, such as touching the net or hitting the ball twice.

It was a quick three sets for the Aces, who will host provincials this coming November.

The Aces don’t see as much game play as their female counterparts. The Aces will only play three games in October.

The Eckville Aces will take on Koinonia on Oct. 2 at home. The boys won’t play again until Oct. 18, when they play the Bentley on the road.

The final game of the regular season for the boys will be away on Oct. 23, when they play the Buck Mountain Boys team.


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Grade 10 player Kolton Glenn leaps to spike the ball over the net after being set up by with teammates. Photo by Megan Roth/Eckville Echo

Zack Waite, a Grade 12 student playing on the Eckville Aces volleyball team, arcs back as he prepares to make contact with the ball as it sails over the net. The Aces won their home game against the Panther 3-0. Photo by Megan Roth/Eckville Echo