Towards the end of Monday Night’s council meeting, the member went to tour the memorial and take in the wear and tear of the structure. The Town wants to redo the memorial in time for the town’s 100th anniersary in 2021. Photo by Megan Roth/Eckville Echo

Town Council approves the extention of RV parking in town

Eckville Town Council met for its regular meeting on Sept. 11

Eckville Town Council extended the Town’s seasonal parking during Monday night’s council meeting.

The dates were extended to Oct. 16 this year.

According to the Town’s by-laws, Council can approve extending the allotted time recreational vehicles can park on the road in town.

The traffic by-law states recreational vehicles may be parked on the street in front of the registered owner’s property from May 15 to Sept. 15.

At the description of Council, the dates may be extended up to and including Oct. 31.

“I don’t agree to extending it to Oct. 31,” said Coun. Sandra Hallgren.

Mayor Helen Posti agreed, saying the vehicles blocks the roadways, especially during street cleaning.

Council had the option to not extend the dates, or to extend it to any date up to Oct. 31.

Council agreed allowing recreational vehicles to be parked on the street until Oct. 31 is too long.

Instead they chose to extend the parking date to Oct. 16, the Monday after Thanksgiving.

“That way the guy can clean up before winter comes,” explained Posti.

Council was also reminded the traffic by-law allows vehicles to be parked in one spot without moving for a maximum of 72 hours.

The amendment to the traffic by-law is new, having only been passed this summer.

“I think we should really be enforcing that by-law,” Posti said, adding in years past she has witnessed vehicles parked all winter without moving.

Fortis Franchise Fee

Eckville Town Council voted to not increase the Fortis Franchise fee for 2018.

“I’ve said it in past meetings, no one needs to have their utilities increased. A lot are saying they can’t afford it,” said Hallgren.

Marketing Plan

Council briefly discussed marketing and social media with the Town of Eckville. Council voted to adopt the Westview and McDonald Heights Marketing Plan, which has been prepared by Central Alberta Economic Partnership (CAEP).

The marketing plan gives the Town an “organized advertising campaign and clearly identified target audience.”

“We definitely need a plan in place,” said Chief Administrative Officer Jack Ramadan, with coun. Hallgren adding the plan also needs someone in place to drive it.

Vision for Non-Violence

Counc. Hallgren attended the Centre for Positive Relationship opening in Sylvan Lake, as a member of the Vision for Non-Violence Coalition.

Eckville will be meeting with Colleen Lewis on Sept. 20 for an environment study. This study will identify the needs of the Town and how to incorporate them into the opening of the Town’s own Centre for Positive Relationships.

Arena Board

Counc. Kevin See reported the ice is going in at the arena early this year, with the process beginning on Monday.

The Arena Board expects the first skate to be on Sept. 17. The ice is going in early to accommodate the minor hockey league, which wants to start earlier this year.

“We are expecting there will be an adjustment for the figure skating. It’s in dangers of not existing anymore,” said See.


Council toured the town’s 75th anniversary memorial. The plan is to rebuild it, as it is beginning to fall apart.

The plan is to raise the memorial off the ground roughly a foot and rebuild it with better bricks.

“I think we want to really keep the same shape and size,” said Ramsden.

Posti wants to see the large plaque and paid bricks kept and incorporated into the new build.

The town will look into way to incorporate the plaque and update it to include the 100th anniversary in 2021.

Ramsden suggested a committee be made to look into the memorial after the upcoming election.