Alisa Duncan arrives in Sylvan Lake, the final stop on her bike riding trip, on Sept. 11. Duncan rode her bike from Oklahoma City to Sylvan Lake over 52 days to raise awareness for a home for at risk elderly people in Mexico. Photo by Megan Roth/Sylvan Lake News

Finish Well Ride ends in Sylvan Lake

The nearly 2,800 miles ride was to raise awareness for Bet Shalom Home in Mexico

After 52 days of cycling to raise awareness, Alisa Duncan ended the Finish Well Ride in Sylvan Lake Monday afternoon.

The ride, which started in Oklahoma City on July 20, was a little less than 2,800 miles, or 4,506 km.

“We may have to do a few laps around the parking lot to get us to that 2,800 mark,” Duncan joked.

The final leg of the journey, Red Deer to Sylvan Lake was pretty easy, Duncan said, especially when compared to the multiple days spent biking through the mountains.

Duncan arrived in Sylvan Lake around 12:20 on Sept. 11, and was welcomed by a small crowd that included Sylvan Lake-Innisfail MLA Don MacIntyre.

“Thank you for what you are doing. I think it is just great,” MacIntyre told Duncan.

Duncan chose to do this ride to raise money and awareness for Bet Shalom, a home in Mexico that looks after at risk and in need elderly.

This is the second ride Duncan has taken to raise money and awareness for the home.

The first ride was in 2009 where she rode from Zihuatanejo to Oklahoma. The funds raised were to build the facility.

Bet Shalom officially opened its doors in 2012. It is still under construction and currently houses six at risk elderly people.

Once finished the home should be able to house 20 adults in need.

According to Duncan, it costs roughly $200USD to house an adult for a month in Bet Shalom.

“Once we are finished we’ll have room for 20 people to live there, at a cost of $200USD, it will cost about $50,000 for a year,” said Duncan, adding she rounded the number up to allow some wiggle room.

The goal for the Finish Well Ride was to raise a total of $75,000.

Duncan says the money raised goes toward paying for 20 residents for the year as well as purchasing a vehicle that is accessible for the seniors.

“Right now we don’t have any vehicle to use to get them from place to place,” Duncan said.

According to the ride’s website,, the fundraiser has raised only 28 per cent of the total goal.

According to Duncan, the website is not up to date. She estimates they have raised roughly $35,000 towards their goal.

“We aren’t upset,” Duncan said. “I know that about 40 per cent of your fundraising comes in after your event.”

Duncan continued to say any little bit will help further the cause and help people in need.

The Finish Well Ride made it’s final stop in Sylvan Lake because Lakestone Insurance was a major sponsor for the ride, as well as being active in the ministry Duncan and the other’s working at Bet Shalom operate out of.

The Finish Well Ride and Bet Shalom are still accepting donation, which can be made online at and choosing the project Bet Shalom.


Alisa Duncan was greeted in Sylvan Lake by MLA Don MacIntyre, who thanked Funcan for her work for those in need. Photo by Megan ROth/Sylvan Lake News